Reviews about Gigant

  • Andrea
    My husband recently bought a Gigant gel. After the course, the penis size really increased 1 cm, we didn't expect it, we thought it was a normal divorce, but no!
  • Tobias
    All my life I have had complexes associated with the size of my penis. On the Internet, I found Gigant gel. The result exceeded all expectations!
  • Alexander
    Not that I have a very small size, but there is room to fight. I found Gigant gel on the Internet, everyone wrote. that is very effective. I asked and he did not disappoint. I recommend.
  • Florian
    The texture of the Gigant gel is good, pleasant to the touch. Easy to apply. There were no allergic reactions or side effects. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Manfred
    I have a lot of allergies. Therefore, I hoped there was no allergy to the Gigant gel. And so it happened. It didn't have any side effects on me. And the result was +2 cm in size.
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